Savage Horoscope: June 2018


Yes. Yes… We need a show. Breach in strength.


with no other purpose than to produce, for his own pleasure, the illuminations of verbal fireworks capable of masking by their splendor the emptiness of the skies in which they burst.


They spent the coming days making preparations for his departure. Like the experience of all about to separate, the strain of an imagined elsewhere bore a hurtful torque on the moments they actually inhabited.


I want to be part of the problem.


The century was mocked, so one could dispense with understanding it.


The Three Mountains fall through the far heaven, / The isle of White Heron / splits the two streams apart.


not standing yet with Prometheus, but still standing with Orpheus, whispering the spell “Fount, pain, quality.”


Losers may be the avant garde of the modern age.


I saw I mustn’t keep on rucking him, because, after all, this was a party, so I patted him on his hopsack, just like he’d done me, and struggled across to cut in on Call-me-Cobber, and have a spin round with the ex-Deb-of-Last-Year.


The hunting Cheyenne thought that the buffaloes who provide their main livelihood were affected by the rotten smell of a man who had murdered a fellow-tribesman and they moved away, thus endangering the survival of the tribe. The buffaloes were not supposed to react to the smell of murder of a foreigner.


And also your fault if I can.

Pisces2I come from reckless, unsentimental people.

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